welcome to Gusbartender professional bartender service is my passion  

I specialize in sweet tropical coktails, martinis and shots. Sweet light drinks is what i like, so if you like the same I know exactly what your looking for. You want to savor every sip, combining the ingredients together and, the combinations of flavors that make them unique.


You want to drink a cocktail that doesnt bite you back, burn your stomach or your palate making it impossible to enjoy the flavors because all you can feel is the alcohol. You could have them as an aperitiff or as a dessert.

I love to customize your drink with your taste, or even the color of your outfit you are wearing. I shake my martinis so hard you could ice skate on them, that nice and beautiful sort of snow that floats on top that makes them yummy. Of course lets not forget the classics like a dry or dirty martini, old fashion, manhattans, even aviation or sazeracs all made in the most classic way , the way the were meant to be made.